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A very Naija Christmas

(A CHILD’S REAR VIEW) Oh miss me with all these Santa Clause-ish you guys are doing now. We didn’t have Santa. We had Father Christmas. Excuse me with all the d├ęcor and interior. We had “blomblom” or “blowblow”or “baloon”. Whatever you choose to call it actually depends on who raised you or where you wereContinue reading “A very Naija Christmas”


You can’t help but wince in disgust. I can tell you for a fact that the week has been emotionally draining. People have had to relive their experiences and expressed their disgust too. I feel really disgusted, angry, livid and numb. I keep muttering in my room ” somebody’s son”.I would be busy doing somethingContinue reading “Uncowed”

My scent of inDependence

Today in my country we are celebrating our independence. Well, we were told that on this day sixty-one years ago, we got our independence from our colonial Lords. I however, nostalgically remember the first time I left home for secondary school. Yeah boarding school. It wasn’t even safe going to a decent day school then.Continue reading “My scent of inDependence”

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